Solar farm

On 19 August 2016 Forest Heath District Council announced that we have bought a solar farm in Lakenheath.

As central government funding continues to be reduced councils need to invest in projects which will deliver savings or produce and income. The solar farm will generate income which will be used to help support the future delivery of council services in Forest Heath. This is part of our wider community energy plan.

More details can be found in the press release:

Electricity generation Amount
February 2017 421,485kWh
January 2017 280,489 kWh
December 2016 239,376 kWh
November 2016 377,300 kWh
October 2016 707,994 kWh
September 2016 1,022,160 kWh
August 2016 1,639,643 kWh

Solar Farm electricity generation February 2017

Electrical generation in previous months

Solar farm launchForest Heath District Council launch Toggam Solar Park - click on image to show full sizeSolar farm at Lakenheath